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Collected Works 2018​-​22

'A testimony of change and self discovery.'




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Consolations in Travel

The Age of Spiritual Machines

100 Demons

Collected Works 2018-22 cements Elms’ standing as a distinctive and original voice in contemporary music, and extends his vision of a 21st-century orchestral music coloured, mediated, and expanded by psychology and technology. An album that encapsulates a profound period of self discovery and change.

2024 Collected Works 2018-22 - Composer, Dan Elms.
Collected Works LP

The monolithic 100 Demons performed by Manchester Collective, "and in this [recorded] form we have captured the demon and have not had the heart or foolishness to release it."

Consolations in Travel created for BBC Concert Orchestra and Unclassified Live, "…gorgeous, meditative, twinkling and, at times, foreboding sound. It ebbs and flows like the ocean and is a truly enjoyable journey through various subtle changes in timbre and mood." — Elizabeth Alker, BBC Radio 3

The Age of Spiritual Machines for the Royal Philharmonic Society, "a work that was reliant on my self understanding and the environments I have built around myself — identity through music. It is the embodiment of my sympathetic resonance with music that I discovered as a teenager, lost, and then found again."

After Us

'The soundtrack complements the comforting gameplay, aptly switching between soothing, mellow tones to grand, emotional crescendos. There were moments of utter peace and admiration as I let the music wash over my mind, easing me into the atmosphere.'






A soundtrack evocative of an atmospheric, dystopian view of the future. Expressive sci-fi synthesis with an emotional heart, mirroring the core of After Us and its unique storytelling. Start your journey into this dystopian future here.

2023 After Us - Composer, Dan Elms. Piccolo Studio - Private Division

'When the geography of the world of After Us shifts around you, the music is right there with you on your journey. It bubbles and swells as you plunge to the depths of the ocean; it soars when you climb to the top of the highest tower. Blending sci-fi synthesis with music concreté, evoking place and time, and always with sincerity.'


'…a sound so intoxicatingly comforting we’re compelled to keep breathing it in.'

— Elizabeth Alker, BBC Radio 3




Heavyweight Vinyl & Digital


The Old Declarn
Soft Machines
North Sea Quartet
Bethia (Live)

The album Islandia is compiled of five works for chamber orchestra, electric guitar, synthesisers and found sounds. Each of the five works ruminate upon the post-industrial coastal towns and people of North East England. The album was first sketched at the former home of Imogen Holst in Autumn 2015 and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in June 2017.

The debut album from composer Daniel Elms, available via New Amsterdam Records.